Hope for the Hopeless

Have you ever been in a situation that felt hopeless?  Maybe it was something you brought upon yourself, or maybe it was something that happened to you that was out of your control.  Or maybe it was a situation that someone you cared for was in, and you felt helpless to help them.  In Mark chapter 5 Jesus came across three different people in very different situations, all of them seemingly hopeless.  Jesus, however, saw the situation differently than the others around him.  He brought hope back into those situations and changed the lives of the people involved forever.

In the same way, Jesus sees our situation, whatever it may be, and He is able to bring hope back when we are ready to give up.  Maybe it’s a marriage about to fail, maybe it’s an addiction you’re growing tired of battling, maybe it’s a financial situation you don’t know how you’re going to get out of; whatever the situation, Jesus is able to bring us out of it.

Over the next three Sundays, we are going to be studying each one of these encounters that Jesus had in Mark chapter 5.  Please join us if you can, or listen to the sermons online if you aren’t able to make it.  It is my prayer that over the next few weeks God will speak to you and meet you in your area of need.  He loves you and wants to fill you with hope.  Will you allow Him to change your life forever?