Fasting is an important part of our spiritual growth, and one we are trying to put more emphasis on here at NewLife. It is a practice that puts us in a better position to hear God speak to us, and prepares us to obey God’s commands when He speaks. This page has links to some useful resources on fasting. It is a limited resource, and more can be found about the practical details of taking part in a fast for a short or extended period of time.

To start a season of fasting it is sometimes good to go through a time of preparation. Click here to view the “Inventory of the Heart” worksheet with verses and questions to ponder as you start a season of fasting and prayer.

To find the NewLife Fasting Flier for 2017 CLICK HERE. Even though it is last year’s flier, it still has good information.

Campus Crusade for Christ’s Page on Fasting has good information for people who are new and experienced at fasting. To read their articles, CLICK HERE.

A few articles from the Desiring God website: Fasting for Beginners, and Sharpen Your Affections with Fasting. You can also watch or listen to John Piper’s many messages on fasting.