NewLife Youth

Who We Are

NewLife Youth is a place for students age 7th to 12th grade to grow in their walk with God.

Our desire is to equip and empower young people to deepen their relationship to God, peers, and their community in order to significantly impact their schools, neighborhoods, and even the world.  We don’t simply want to scratch the surface of what being a Christian really is, we want to go DEEP.

By having meaningful worship and Bible study times, we increase the DEPTH of our knowledge, love and awe of our truly AWESOME GOD.

By having times that are fun and exciting, we increase the DEPTH of our friendships and bonds with each other.

By having times of service and giving to others we increase the DEPTH of our involvement in our church and community.

Whether you are someone just beginning your search for God, or someone who has spent many years walking with Him, come and see how you too can become a part of a group of people who are looking to take yet another step closer to the goal of what God wants us to be.